Forty Hadith

The effort to understand the hadith sayings from our own perspective

Saturday, February 18, 2006

On Hadiths

The science of hadith is important. Because we can understand and apply the teachings of the Quran only if we internalize the life of Rasulullah (pbuh) and take him as an "example" - not trying to imitate him.

We owe to hadith scholars a lot, for transmitting the hadiths to us. Their hard and sincere work in the early periods served as a filter. After an extremely careful examination of hundreds of thousands sayings which passed down through 200 years, they selected only a few thousands of them. They evaluated the hadiths according to the chain of transmission and then sorted them into categories such as sahih, da'if, and more. The evaluation was not based only on the legitimacy of the isnads, but also on the consistency of the text of hadiths with the Quran and with the sunnah. The text of a hadith that is categorized as sahih may be wrong, whereas a da'if hadith may convey the truth. This is very improbable, but not impossible. So then, what we should do is to learn the hadiths only from the authentic and trusted sources and then to convey them.

The posts in this blog consist of writings on forty hadiths that have been transmitted with sahih isnads. Each hadith is like a light that enlightens our ways. Our hope is that this effort to understand the hadith sayings from our own perspective may help us to internalize the teachings of Rasulullah (pbuh) who has the "Morality of Quran". Our wishes and our duas are for the meanings not to stay only in the lines but to reach and to enter into our hearts.